The source for accurate, affordable transmission line pulse testers
Welcome to TLP Solutions. TLP Solutions is a world-class company that designs,
manufactures, and supports Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) test equipment. The
ability of TLP testers to deliver square test pulses make them the answer for
optimizing ESD protection circuits in IC design, and they are also highly useful in
device and process characterization. TLP Solutions exists to be the affordable
answer for your testing needs with unsurpassed customer service and technical

TLP Solutions has developed a fully integrated TLP testing system with unique
sensing capabilities. The increased popularity of TLP testers and our distinct
system design have allowed us to sell a superior product to a market that is
quickly accepting TLP technology for its semiconductor testing and
characterization needs.

Our design and manufacturing facilities are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The design team brings together the best of the best of the country's technical
university system with senior members who have years of experience in
designing IC systems and test equipment for the North American market. The
team is managed by engineers holding PhDs in their area of expertise.

Technical support, sales, and executive management of the company are all
located in the USA.

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